United States

The CATAN Championship in the United States

The United States tournament consists of local qualifying tournaments that take place year-round. The winners of each of the tournaments win a seat at the CATAN United States National Championship.

CATAN Studio will host the 2024 United States Championship in Minneapolis, MN, exact location and date TBA. Qualified players will receive formal invitations beginning late Spring 2024.

Players at the National Championship face off against all other winners of the Qualifier tournaments to become the year’s CATAN United States Champion.

Every two years CATAN Studio sends the United States National Champions to the CATAN World Championship tournament. The 2024 United States Champion will compete in the 2025 World Championship, location and date TBD. The United States champion will also compete in the Americas tournament, a new event taking place in the off-years from the World Championship. We will share details for the next Americas Tournament as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about CATAN Organized Play, please email op@catanstudio.com.

NOTE: All participants must be residents of the United States and be 18+ years of age. You should be able to prove residency with an official ID card and/or a piece of mail (such as a utility bill) sent to a United States residential address. Winners of current season Qualifier Tournaments are not allowed to play in additional Qualifier events leading up to the next National Championship.

2023 Champion

Congratulations to the United States 2023 Champion, Griffin Burstyn!

Griffin will next compete at the CATAN Americas Championship in March, 2024, and then the World Championship in 2025.

Upcoming National Championship Qualifiers

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