About the Program

In the CATAN Championship program, players worldwide compete in national tournaments to become their country’s National Champion. Every two years, CATAN Studio sends the English-language National Champions to the CATAN World Championship. National Champions also compete in international events in off-years from the Worlds.

The most recent European Championship was in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 28-29, 2023. The next international event will be the 2024 Americas Championship, March 7-11, 2024 in Bogotá, Colombia.

Player Information

National Championship structure may differ from country to country, but all official CATAN Championship tournaments are subject to the same rules and policies found here. Please refer to country pages for specific information on your country’s structure.

English-Language Countries

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Republic of Ireland
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

For other countries, please visit catan.com to find your host partner. Reaching out directly to your language partner will get the fastest response.

Get Involved

An official CATAN qualifier tournament starts with 3 rounds where all participants will play 3 games. Preliminary structure can vary from event to event. Some hosts hold several groups of preliminaries over multiple dates. Please read the event description carefully!

Either the top 16 or top 4 players, depending on event size, will advance to a semifinal or final round. Events with less than 28 players may choose to skip a semifinal and move directly from preliminaries into their final game.

Make sure your Qualifier host has your contact details (email preferred). The CATAN Studio team will be in touch with details about participating in the Nationals.

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