The CATAN Championship Program

Hosts are the backbone of our tournament and event program. Thank you!

When you host a CATAN Championship event, you give players the opportunity to become part of the larger CATAN Championship community, and to further their personal journey with CATAN.

A CATAN Championship Qualifier is an event that will lead to one of your players winning a guaranteed seat at the next National Championship.

Host Requirements

1. Submit a request at and be approved.

Your event must appear in our official listings to qualify a winner for Nationals. There is a form you must fill out to apply for an event. Once it is submitted, you will receive a reply (generally within three business days) with specific event setup instructions.

2. Organize and run the Qualifier tournament

You must follow the official structure and rules as outlined in the official tournament rules document.

3. Supply all games needed

You may use older copies of the game, but all games should be the same version.

4. Order a prize kit (optional)

Retailers should speak with their Asmodee sales rep. Other hosts should seek sponsorship from a retail store. Please email if you need assistance finding a potential sponsor.

5. Report results

If using the Best Coast Pairings tournament software, your results will be automatically submitted to CATAN Studio as long as you remember to submit the results to your circuit at the end of the event. If using BCP, you must “Submit Results” at the end of your event for results to be automatically reported. If you miss the weekly score round-up, you will need to report scores manually. Please submit immediately!

Hosts scoring manually should email promptly following their event. Results reports must include:

  • Total number of participants
  • Players and their scores at the final table
  • Contact information (email preferred) for all four finalists

Host Materials

Official Rules

Tournament rules govern structure and process. They should be used in conjunction with the current (5th Edition) rules from CATAN.

Other Rules and Policies

The CATAN Code of Conduct as well as our policy on photography and video.

Marketing & Promotion

Here is a link to our Host FAQ as well as a number of marketing assets you might find helpful.

Scoring and Reporting

We partner with Best Coast Pairings for our tournament software. The software runs in a web browser and will assist with seating players, scoring, and reporting your results. If you are not using BCP, please use the link to the Event Reporting form to report your results.

English-Language Countries

Australia Canada Ireland New Zealand South Africa United Kingdom United States

For other countries, please visit to find your host partner. Reaching out directly to your language partner will get the fastest response.